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70 Years Of Putting Customers First

Leaders In Industrial, Marine & Safety Supplies

We offer the best industrial, marine and safety products for individuals and companies, paired with a dedicated team of product experts who take the time to understand every customer’s needs and make the best product recommendations.

Everyone Gets The C.W. Hayden Experience

We want to be more than your supplier - we want to be your partner. We know that your business needs to be efficient to stay successful, and we want to make sure you have the right supplies to do that. Here's how we help our customers succeed:

Stress-Free Online Purchasing

Stress-Free Online Purchasing

Our goal is to make every transaction as simple as possible. Don’t spend your time looking up part numbers. Our sales reps are here to help you find the right supplies and tools for your unique operation.

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Leave The Inventory Management To Us

Leave The Inventory Management To Us

We know you have a lot on your plate, so let us deal with your supply management and make sure you're resupplied when you start running low. Let us save you the headache of trying to reorder and stock supplies.

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Your Product Expert Is Just A Call Away

Your Product Expert Is Just A Call Away

We treat every customer - whether it's a three-person shop or a multi-state corporation - the same way. Have a question about a new product or need onsite safety and training programs, our sales reps are happy to help.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"One of our Bag N Box packaging processes used to require a dozen or more temporary workers for eight weeks to complete. Working with our CW Hayden Rep, we have reduced the man power by half, 6 workers and the process is now extremely efficient. In addition, we realized a dramatic increase in profitability by changing the adhesive used to seal the box."

Harvey LaGrange

Mr. Boston Brands

"We have been doing business with CW Hayden for 20 years. In that time we have tried other sources of distribution for our consumable needs. CW Hayden is our vendor of choice. Providing us with our consumables through Vendor Managed Inventory system. CW Hayden VMI keeps our overhead costs down and our production running. Our sales rep keeps informed about the latest relevant products targeting our production, labor rate and profitability."

Ian Kopp

Kenway Composites

"JSI Storefixtures is a fast paced, growing company with many new projects that require innovative and different construction methods. We have worked with CW Hayden for many years and rely on Chris for his perspective and experience to produce our fixtures quickly, safely, and efficiently."

Bryce Levasseur – Purchasing Manager

JSI Store Fixtures

"We run a fast paced business that sometimes means we run low on supplies, our partnership with CW Hayden means they keep extra stock on hand for quick delivery to keep us going. Our Hayden sales rep has helped us dial in new products that work allowing us to decrease our production time per unit."

Craig Bolia – Purchasing / Inventory Control

F3 Manufacturing

"C & C Fiberglass Components has been in business for 21 years. For 20 of those years, we have been serviced by CW Hayden, In particular Dave Burt, when it comes to all our disposables. The service provided by Dave is unmatched. His ability to know exactly what we need, and more importantly, when we need it is amazing. Having CW Hayden and Dave Burt on our side helps business run that much smoother."


C & C Fiberglass Components

"I have personally been dealing with C.W. Hayden for the better part of a decade. The service and availability of product is great. I would recommend them to anyone."

Gerald Willey – Purchasing Manager

Back Cove Yachts

"CW Hayden is truly an asset for Front St. Shipyard. Their outside and inside sales team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to help when there is a problem that needs to be solved. Their inventory fill rate is very good so we never have to worry about not getting the items that we need to continue a project. Hayden is very proactive on introducing new and improved products that often save us money and time in production. Overall, CW Hayden is a vendor that Front St. Shipyard can always count on."

Hank Witt - Inventory Manager

Front St. Shipyard

"CW Hayden has always been proactive in assuring that we are using the best materials to do our jobs efficiently. They consistently keep us updated when there are new products that could reduce time and also be cost effective for our process. There technical support and sales team have been very resourceful and have helped us multiple times in evaluating and improving efficiencies in our process. The consignment program has been fantastic. This has allowed us to not have to take time to do the ordering and always having the product on the shelf when needed. Another good thing about consignment is that if there are any products that could be delayed our salesman already knows about it in most cases so that he has enough time to provide us with a substitute product to get us through the delay. We have always appreciated the support, technical advice and professionalism that CW Hayden has provided us."

Barry Archilles - Composite Shop Manager

Hinckley Yachts

"The sanding process on our hulls used to take us 60 man hours until our CW Hayden sales representative introduced us to 3M's new cubitron II sanding discs. The discs themselves cost more than the product we were using but we are now able to finish our hull’s in 45 hours saving major labor hours and actually using less sanding discs."

Joe Burch

North End Composites

Health & Safety

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Adhesives & Sealants

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Tools & Accessories

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Facility Maintenance

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