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Product Knowledge

C.W. Hayden Co, Inc. provides customers with a wide range of value-added services. Whether you need a quick quote over the phone or an on-site rep to solve a complex problem, our team is ready to help.

Technical Services
Talk to our customer service specialists to find the right tape, adhesive, abrasive or packaging solution for your application. We take pride in our superior customer service by providing personalized service and in-depth product knowledge.

On-Site Sales Support
Our team of knowledgeable sales personnel is available to visit your facility to provide product recommendations to solve your specific problem. We have product experts in abrasives, adhesives, tapes, packaging equipment and materials.

You might think that using abrasives could be pretty simple, right?  You take the abrasive and put it in contact with the surface and run it until you’re done….right?

Abrasive SandingUnfortunately, it’s not that simple as most of you know, but did you know that certain types of abrasives work better on different types of surfaces? Also, that your finish and disc life can be affected by the amount of air pressure that is being supplied to your tool as you are using it?  How about when you are sanding wood, you should always start on the wood surface and you should never stop the tool while still in contact with the wood?

These are just a couple of the many things that could affect your finished products and your bottom line.

Let C.W. Hayden help you find the right product for your application.  By seeing your process we can try and help you make it more efficiently by minimizing steps, improving production and reducing your overall costs. We have years of experience in abrasive markets such as metal working, woodworking, marine and industrial manufacturing. 


Adhesives seem pretty self-explanatory don’t they?  Stick some adhesive (glue) on what you want stuck together and bingo you’re done.  Not so fast!  Adhesives are far more complex in what they can and can’t stick together and how to apply them properly.

Before you just stick something together with whatever sticky stuff you can find, you should really ask yourself some questions like:

  • What materials are you bonding?
  • What types of stresses will it be under?
  • What is the environment it will be exposed to?
  • How do you want to apply it?Adhesive Product Knowledge

Did you know that if you want to achieve the best hold, you need to prep some surfaces by first scuffing them both with sandpaper and then cleaning them with some form of alcohol wipe to remove any lose debris. What about the fact that certain adhesives need to have the adhesive applied to both sides of the surface and once applied you must wait a certain amount of time before you can put the pieces together.  Did you know that not all adhesives come in the form of a liquid?

These are just some of the questions and information you will need to know before you can choose the right adhesive for the job.  If you don’t answer these questions you may not achieve the desired bond right away or even down the road.

Let C.W. Hayden not only guide you through the process but let us take your answers and help you find the right fit for your adhesive application.

Remember – adhesives are not a one size fits all solution!


Dealing with safety and making sure you and your employees are equipped with the correct Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is no easy task.

C.W. Hayden has years of experience at helping customers to find the correct equipment for the employee’s needs on the job.  We carry and support a large variety of personal protection equipment and we specialize in respirators, head and face, eye and hearing protection.  We also carry protective clothing such as coveralls (Tyvek) and gloves.

There are many factors that go into selecting the correct products.  Did you know that in order for your employees to wear a full or half face respirator correctly they must be clean shaven?  Did you also know that they make breathable coveralls so that an employee does not over heat as easily in the hot summer months?  Another interesting fact is that everyone’s ears are shaped differently internally so ear plugs that work for one person might not work and protect another.

Remember, it’s hard to get employees to always wear their PPE but when the fit is not correct or it’s uncomfortable it is much harder to get them to wear it.  That’s why correct protection that fits properly is so important.

Let C.W. Hayden help to supply you with all of your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) needs. We have the knowledge and the ability to help you get your employees into the proper equipment and we can even help to get them fit tested when it comes to respirators and ear plugs.


You’re probably thinking “What’s so hard about tapes”?  It’s just sticky side down, right?  Although it is important to put the sticky side down, there are many other factors to think about when it comes to selecting the correct tape for your application.
Some of the questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What application is this tape going to be used in?
  • Are you masking, bundling, packaging or sealing?
  • How long is the tape going to be on for?
  • Is it going to be exposed outside to UV rays?
  • What is it sticking to?

These are all good questions that will guide you in finding the correct tape for you to use in your application.

Did you know that some masking tapes will leave a better paint line then others or that some work great inside but if used outside while exposed to the sun that they will not remove cleanly? There are some boxes used now that have more recycled content in them then they used to and as a result the packing tapes will not stick nearly as good. There are clean removal duct tapes that can be removed cleanly even though they are exposed to UV rays for extended periods.

C.W. Hayden stocks a large variety of single coated tapes, duct tapes, masking tapes, packing tapes and much more. Let us help you find the correct single coated tapes for your applications

MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations)